How To Successful Resist Temptation

As those who are following Christ, it’s quite obvious that we find ourselves within a huge battle with Satan, sin, along with our carnal nature. Keep in mind, one thing that we have to be very cautious about is temptation due to the fact that it’s the pathway that leads people to sin. The enemy knows that quite well, and he has been using it as a very potent tool for years since after mankind’s inception within the Garden of Eden in order to bring all types of destruction to the human race.

Another important thing to realize is that temptation is not a sin, the issue lies with yielding to temptation. The bottom line is that temptation is unable to bring anyone into sin by itself without that person being willing to succumb to it. As a result, this is a critical area which really needs to be paid attention to in order for us to be able to deal wisely with any temptation Satan is throwing at us.

Dealing With Temptation Requires An Attitude of Pleasing And Glorying God.

The Christian life revolves around both pleasing and glorifying God by our lifestyles (1 Peter 2:12, 1 Corinthians 6:20). That’s all God really needs out of us in response to what He’s accomplished for us through His only Son Christ Jesus. Bear in mind, it’s important for people to realize that the devil wants to be gloried just as God wants to be glorified. He knows our weaknesses’ areas; thus, he’s an accomplished opportunist, it means that it’s what he will use in order to tempt us to do things that will bring shame and reproach to the name of God.

However, if we’ve adopted an attitude of pleasing and glorifying God through the means of dying to self daily by ceasing to follow the impulsive desires of the flesh, then we grant God the full right for Him to work through us in a powerful way. Submitting to God also means being empowered by God, so that we can resist Satan along with his field of temptation and his influence that he’s unleashing on us. We should be living for Jesus alone.

Succumbing to Temptation is Considered as a Victory to Satan.

Satan’s main goal with temptation is to lure us to submit to his deceptive and destructive ways. Consequently, every time we let him entice us into sin, that’s equivalent to us letting him to be victorious over us. The best method of dealing with that is to see temptation along with sin as what they are. Their ultimate purpose of the enemy with temptation and sin is not only to lead us away from God but to keep us in bondage indefinitely.

Resisting Temptation is Considered as a Victory to Christ.

Conversely, whenever we choose to depend up on the Holy Spirit, so that He can empower us concerning confronting temptation in order for us to live as God wants us to live, that brings honor and glory to Christ. The main reason is that we’re willing to align our lives in such a manner that’s consistent with what His death has accomplished for us. God’s will is for us to live both an abundant and victorious life through Christ. By our bold resistance to Satan, we’re telling God what’s important for us is living up to His own holiness’ standard.

Lastly, God has made us such a magnificent promise in His Word that we have lay a strong hold on which is found in (1 Corinthians 10:13). It says that He’ll never allow us to be tempted in such a way that goes beyond our ability to cope with it, and when we find ourselves being caught up by temptation, He’ll strengthen us, so that we can endure it till we make out. But, since God does His works through the person of the Holy Spirit, that can only happen if we take our responsibility by depending on the the Holy Spirit. Our strength is determined by our level of faith in God, that’s the reason why we have to know how to have faith in God.

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Why You Should Buy Used Healthcare Machines

Why You Should Buy Used Healthcare Machines From

health care devices for saleWhile there are many places out there where you can buy used medical equipment, we really think you should not deal with companies that buy and sell refurbished medical equipment, unless if they were Why? For the reasons you will find below. MedStandard has been in the business for many, many years. Hospitals and medical offices know that if they need to dispose of certain equipment, they can rely on the company to give them a fair price on their items while giving other doctors and health professionals a chance to improve their practice by acquiring the necessary equipment at an affordable price.

The good thing about MedStandard is that the prices of their equipment are always reasonable. If you’re like most people, you want an easier way to acquire medical equipment, however, it can be, and is usually, expensive especially if you don’t know where to look.

We certainly made that mistake when we first decided to buy used MRI machines. We searched directly on Google by typing “used MRI machines” and bought from the company that was number one in the search results. Big mistake. After hearing about MedStandard, we went out and checked some equipment in their stock and were surprised, nay shocked, at the big price difference. We’re talking about $25,000 in savings had we had the good sense to do some research on the best websites to buy used equipment from.

Anyway, we have since learned our lesson, which we learned the hard way. Right now, whenever we need any kind of medical equipment, we don’t look so far away. We just head on straight to You should too.

What kind of medical equipment can you find on the website? Practically all types of equipment. The company over the years has built a reputation among hospitals for being the company to go to if you want to dispose of their old equipment in order to upgrade to the newest and the most sophisticated ones.

So don’t be surprised to find that you can buy practically all types of medical equipment, from the smallest and simplest ones like stethoscopes, to the largest diagnostic equipment. If you’re about to open a medical practice, you will want to get new equipment. It’s natural considering that patients typically associate new equipment with doctor’s competence. Sometimes, however, buying new equipment simply isn’t practical, especially if you’re only running a small clinic.

Anyway, we can tell you this much about MedStandard: the equipment they sell are as good as brand new. They work just as well but without the high price. But don’t take our word for it, however.

Visit the MedStandard, at the place where they keep their stock of medical equipment, ekg, emg, ultrasound tranducers, mri, patient imaging, x ray and c arm devices. That way, you can check if a piece of equipment is really still that good. Head on over to the website right now and contact the company. Tell them what you need and ask if it would be possible to do an ocular inspection.

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